Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pink Overalls Refashion

As you may have read in this blog post, I have recently learned how to sew.

For my second project, I really wanted to jump in to clothing. I'd like to start "jazzing up" Eva's wardrobe and making her clothes last longer. I hope to eventually be able to make clothes for her. Or at least clothes for her baby dolls!
(By the way, does saying "jazzing up" make me sound like an old lady? I'm thinking it does, but I really can't think of another way to say what I mean. How about "refashion"?)

Hanging in Eva's closet, I found the perfect thing to "refashion."

A pair of pink velvet Osh Kosh overalls that her grandfather got her at either the thrift store or a garage sale. They were in perfect condition - - they looked like they had never been worn.

Well, the first time she wore them, we learned why someone was getting rid of them: The snaps up and down the legs would not stay snapped! Every time we snapped them up, within 5 minutes they were all unsnapped. She looked like she was wearing a floor length dress. This was no good, especially for a little girl who still isn't quite steady on her feet.

So, I decided to cut off the legs and make it a jumper!

In retrospect, I probably should have waited until I had more sewing experience before I worked with a thick material such as velvet. It was really tough to cut it straight and sew it straight, especially at the seams. But I persevered and was able to hem the jumper - - crooked, but hemmed.

At this point, I looked at it and realized it was a little too short. Plus, I needed something to distract from my awful, beginners sewing job.

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Disney at Ruffles and Stuff, I decided to add a ruffle. I love all of the adorable ways that Disney extends the life of her little girl's clothes!

I felt that this needed some kind of heavy weight material to go with the velvet. I searched through my mom's fabric stash and found an adorable flannel fabric with lady bugs on it. My mom had made Eva a receiving blanket out of the material when she was just a few weeks old, so it was exciting to get to use the fabric again for something for Eva.
I ruffled, pinned and sewed (straighter this time, but still not perfect) the flannel onto the bottom of the jumper.

Then, I added a green grosgrain ribbon to bring in one of the colors from the flannel, which also happened to be the perfect contrast to the bright pink velvet. (In my opinion, anyway!)
Somehow, I was able to sew the ribbon on very straight. I was shocked!

The jumper is now complete and Eva looks adorable in it. Well, I think she looks adorable in everything, but you know what I mean.
It looks great with a long-sleeved cream ruffle trimmed body suit and cream leggings. Because of the adjustable straps and the generous sizing of the overalls, I am hopeful that this will fit her next winter.

It certainly isn't the prettiest sewing job, but I learned SO MUCH from this project. I can't wait to makeover more of her clothes, and maybe even mine!

Project Runway, here I come! ;)

I have entered the Ruffle Your Stuff and Win contest:

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Angela said...

The term I hear most commonly is "repurpose" but that doesn't seem to quite capture the spirit of your work.

Susan said...

I saw your entry on the Ruffles and Stuff blog. This turned out so adorable! No one would ever know you are a beginner. I will be checking the thrift stores to do this for my granddaughter. Great job!

Laura said...

I love this idea and just may have to find something to do this to, even if the snaps are working perfectly.

Laura said...

this is so cute, I may have to find a pair of overalls to do this with, even is the snaps work perfectly!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Absolutely precious!!! I love this idea. :) She looks adorable. Visiting from Kimba's DIY party. :)

Ashley said...

Super cute both baby and jumper! You did a great job!