Monday, March 01, 2010

Goodwill/Target Toy Bench Makeover

Back in December, my husband and I were looking for a toybox for Eva for a Christmas present. We both really wanted something in wood, with seating on top. Something like we both had as kids. The only ones like this that we were able to find were WAY too expensive for us. We're still looking for one. Hopefully we'll find one by next Christmas!

In the meantime, I needed something to help control the clutter of all of Eva's new toys from her birthday and Christmas.
I found this Circo Storage Bench at our local Goodwill. Our Goodwill always has tons of awesome new items from Target. Some items are overpriced, and some are not. This was probably a little more than I would normally spend for something at Goodwill ($29.99), but I got it anyway. (Original Target price is $89.99)
I like it because Eva can open and close the drawers without pinching her little fingers.

The box had been opened, but it didn't look like anything had been removed from it. The pieces for the bench were still wrapped in plastic and packed in styrofoam. I also made sure to check that the screws, etc. were in there. Goodwill does not accept returns and does not guarantee that the items from Target are complete.

So, we got a little busy in December and the storage bench remained in the back of our Jeep until the beginning of January. My husband finally brought it inside and we started to put it together. Only to find that the screws were not in the box. But I swore I checked for them! I kept looking in the box and looked all around the house - - they were nowhere to be found. I was so disappointed.

We called Circo and they were able to send the parts to us - - not a problem at all. It took about a week or so to receive it, and then we finally assembled the bench.

Meanwhile, I had purchased fabric to cover the seat and new storage cube drawers to help make the bench a little less boring. Navy blue was just way too serious for me.
I bought some really cute Heidi Grace fabric from JoAnn (on sale, of course). I waited until the drawers went on sale at Target ($5/each) and bought a color that matched the fabric.

I asked my mom to make the cushion cover for me, and she said she would, but that it would have to wait until after Valentine's Day (since she had 2 parties planned that weekend.)

I would have just done it myself, but I don't know how to use a sewing machine. It's just something I have never been able to "get." 8th Grade Home Economics was the only time I ever cheated in school. Seriously. I had one of my classmates sew my bermuda shorts for me. (Actually, they were "jams." Remember those?)

ANYWAY, back to the story. If you're even still reading this. This turned out a lot longer than I had planned...

After Valentine's Day, my mom had time to turn her attention to the project, and somehow it was decided that it was time that I learn how to sew.

My mom showed me the basics on a few little scraps of fabric, then left me on my own to experiment and learn by doing. She went off to choir practice, and by the time she came back, I had made a little tote bag for Eva and a cell phone bag. Then I made a pillow using some other adorable Heidi Grace fabric. (See pink pillow in the pictures below.)

Now, for some crazy reason, I felt I was ready to tackle the task of covering the seat cushion.

With MUCH, MUCH help from my mom, a ton of math and lots of ironing, I made a very nice removable cover for the seat cushion. It even has velcro on it. I did all of the sewing myself, on a machine, and I am so proud of myself. :)

What do you think?

I am so pleased with the results and feel like the makeover makes this much better suited for a little girl's playroom than the original did.

Breakdown of costs of project:
$29.99 for the bench
$10.00 (approximately) for the fabric
$10.00 for the drawers


Not exactly a bargain, but it's still cheaper than the original price at Target for the bench and I've customized it in a style I like.

I can't wait to do some more sewing. I have a ton of projects lined up in my mind!

Oh, and the screws for the storage bench? I found them in the back of our Jeep last week. They must have fallen out of the box when Dan pulled it out. I'm NOT crazy after all! (Well, just concerning the screws for the bench. The jury is still out on my sanity in general.)

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Beth said...

was this your first sewing project you were talking about?
it turned out so well.
i'm proud of you!

the kids have a toy box made of the same material from target, too, but it is the actual box type.
i think a cushion might be in order. did you buy a piece of foam form joann? (w/coupon of course.)

Corrie said...

Yes, this was it! Thanks!
The toy bench came with a cushion and I just covered that one. But it would be really easy to do with a peice of foam. Especially for you!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Adorable! It looks absolutely custom-made. Great job!

The Thriftress said...

The bench looks great. But OMG! We had to sew jams in home economics too! LOL!

Laurie Anne said...

I love finding target castoffs at the GW. I bought a cabinet there and also sent away for the misssing parts. The bench looks great :0)