Monday, August 02, 2010

Ohio State Fair

We went to the Ohio State Fair on Sunday, August 1st.   We met my brother and his family there.

Here are the highlights:
  • Eva saw Smokey the Bear.   Smokey was taking a nap, so he didn't get to say hi to her.  Maybe next year. 
  • We walked through the poultry area, where we saw a truck FULL of ducks.   And a crate FULL of chickens.   Piled on top of each other.   One of them may have been dead.
  • Dan and Henry watched a "Wild About Monkeys" show (which included Baboons) while the rest of us popped into the Fine Arts building.   There were some fantastic peices of art there, and also a rather unusual thing - - a fashion show.   With annoying, thumping techno music.   Okay.
  • We passed by a big, beautiful cow, and her newborn calf.   The calf was just a few hours old.  Eva seemed fascinated.
  • There were newborn lambs there as well.   Cute, cute, cute.  
  • Next, we headed over to the Dairy Barn, saw the butter sculptures and ordered up some ice cream.   Eva and I shared a bowl of strawberry, the Kellers got vanilla cones and Dan had to be different, so he got a chocolate shake.  Which was really just ice cream in a cup.   Too thick to be called a shake.
  • We headed towards the horses.   They were gorgeous!   I love the Belgians - - huge and beautiful work horses.
  • Next we went to the sheep area.  Most of them had just been shorn, so they looked really silly.  They either had a cape and hood on, or were just naked.   Either way, they were silly.  Reminded me of that Pixar short about the sheep.
  • There is a breed of sheep called "Corriedale." 
  • After this, the Kellers went off to ride a few rides, while the LaPointes headed on to eat some more yummy fair food.   We settled on a Funnel Cake with Bavarian Cream and Hot Fudge.   It was really good, but even Dan said that it was too much for him.   A food beat him.   That doesn't happen often!
  • We took a walk through the midway and Dan stopped to play a game.   He had to guess how fast he could pitch a baseball.  He pitched one ball, and they told him it went 55 mph.  So then he guessed he would pitch the next ball at the same speed.   It went 53 mph.   So he didn't win a big prize, but everyone is winner at the fair (when did this start?) and Dan recieved a great big inflantible baseball bat.  :)
  • And then we left.