Thursday, December 21, 2006


I've been thinking for a while now about what I want to write in this blog. I feel like I don't lead a very exciting life from day to day. Most of my entertaining stories come from work, and I don't feel comfortable writing publicly about work.
So, I've decided to write a little about my trip to Paris last April and how to do Paris on a budget.

The trip to Paris came about because my husband Dan had always wanted to go there for his honeymoon. In fact, on our first date, he told me that when he got married, he was taking his wife there. That sealed the deal right then and there for me!!!
Dan had been there twice before and just loved it. He really feels like it's the most romantic place on earth, and now that I have been there, I have to agree.
When we started looking at dates for our wedding, we looked at the best times of year to go to Paris. Since we knew that if we were going it was going to have to be on a tight budget, we wanted to pick a time outside of the busy tourist season. We eventually picked the beginning of May.

The first step in planning the trip was finding a flight. We really lucked out and found a great deal on American Airlines through Expedia. Our flights were around $600/each! Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Paris from Columbus, but we found a flight through Chicago that fit perfectly with our schedules.
More later...