Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Gifts - Part 1

For Dan for Father's Day, I wanted to make him something special...

I found a star shaped blank chipboard book for $1 in the dollar bins at Michael's. This would be my starting off point.
And then I found a great stack of 12x12 scrapbook paper on clearance for only $6.99! I've been searching for a perfect stack of paper for a while - - one that included a variety of prints. If I was going to spend $20 on paper, I didn't want to just get one theme, such as baby girl, travel, etc. I was beginning to think that it didn't exist. So this "perfect" stack I found had a little bit of everything and was double sided. I was all ready to use my 40% off coupon, so then it would be $12 (aren't you impressed with my math skills?) but it rang up as $6.99. No coupon needed (or allowed)!

I also bought a sticker pack of dad related stickers and I knew I already had plenty of letter stickers and chipboard at home.

All of that came together to make this:


D is for Doting - anyone who knows Dan or has seen him with Eva knows how much of a doting dad he is! I included a picture of them cuddling on the couch.

A is for Awesome - I included a picture of Eva and her daddy at the zoo.

The other D in DAD is for Daffy - - now, I had a hard time coming up with another D word to describe Dan and his relationship with Eva. When I came across the word Daffy in an online search, I was pleased. That is the perfect word to describe him!!! And then I just included a picture of Dan being daffy and Eva being Miss Serious.

Back cover.

So that's it! Dan was thrilled and I won't even tell you how many hours this took to make. But it was all worth it!!!

I'll continue with the other Father's Day gifts in Part 2...

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Kate said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE! just like you!!