Friday, June 19, 2009

Starting Anew

I am re-starting my blog which reflects that I have been re-starting my life, so to speak.

After my daughter Eva was born last November, it was hard enough figuring out how to be a mom. But then a couple of months after I returned to work I was laid off - that was harder. I also found out at around the same time that I am diabetic (Type 2) which is hard as well - and admittedly I am not doing well with watching what I eat, but that's a whole other post. This all led to suffering from depression and anxiety - which I'm currently being treated for and am glad to say that I am doing MUCH better than I was a few months ago.

So here I am, trying to handle my new life as a stay at home mom - something that I really never had a desire to do, but I'm glad that it has happened while Eva is still a baby.

I'm making lots of mistakes, but have had a lot of successes, too. This "new" blog will be a place for me to share both.

It will also be a place to share my creativity. I've always been an artist, but in the last few years I must have lost my inspiration or something. Now I'm back in the saddle and creating up a storm.

So, this is my new blog. Hope you enjoy it!


robeth said...

I'm sure that I will enjoy your creativity. I always have.

Remember, sometimes, life as a SAHM is one breath at a time.

randee said...

welcome back! (in more ways than one)