Friday, January 15, 2010

2009 in Review - May

May started out with Eva getting a highchair, in preperation for her introduction to baby food. Doesn't she look so tiny and lost in it? Don't worry, she grows into it.

(disclaimer: that is not my kitchen in the background. Whoever took the picture of Eva in her new highchair did not take into consideration that our kitchen was a mess, so I used my newly acquired Photoshop [actually GIMP] skills to cut and paste her into a nice, clean kitchen.)

On May 9th, we traveled to Toledo to celebrate our friend Will's first birthday. Look at that party animal! Doesn't she look excited??? Heeheehee.

Will's actual birthday is May 13th - he was born exactly 6 months (almost to the minute) before Eva. They play very well together and Eva is always sure to show Will that she's not one to be bullied around.

Eva was so good while Will opened his presents. We're still impressed by how well behaved she was. But really, what do you expect? She's the best baby ever!

Here is Will about to dive into his cake.

Eva turned 6 months old on 5/13/09...

...and was introduced to baby food.

She wasn't too sure about it the first time, but she grew to love her sweet potatoes.

Here's the little sweetie taking a nap. She looks like an angel. :)

The last weeked of May, I had a garage sale at my mom's house. I got rid of so much stuff and it felt so good to do that. The money was pretty nice, too.

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