Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Completed Project

I start lots of projects and rarely finish them. Or I'll finish them and do nothing with them.
Well, I made this board back in April at a Craft Night at my cousin's house. (click here to be directed to her blog post about it.)

So, 2 months later, I have finally hung it up in my kitchen. Yay! Thanks to 3M Command strips, it was an easy job. I still need to make it level. Gotta find our level first.

Here it is hanging on the wall in our kitchen.

And here it is with stuff on it.

See that invitation on there for a birthday party? It's for my nephew Corbin. I made something special for him for his birthday gift. I'll post about it after the party.


robeth said...

did you all paint the kitchen, or was it that color when you moved in? do you know the name of the color?

Corrie said...

The kitchen was this color before we moved in. I think there is a small can of the paint under the sink - - I'll see if I can find out anything from it.

Corrie said...

I believe the color is Boston Brick by Behr.