Monday, January 11, 2010

2009 in Review - February

February's weather started out very mild, so we took a trip to the zoo. This was not Eva's first trip, but I think it was her first one in which she was awake and may have actually been able to see the animals. And there were a lot of animals out enjoying the weather.

During this time, Eva was starting to move around her crib a lot during the night. We never knew what crazy position we would find her in next. And of course, we always had the camera handy. Here she is (swaddled up almost a little too tightly it looks like) laying crosswise in her crib, with her legs going up the sides. Hey - whatever is comfortable, right?

On Valentine's Day, Eva chose to wear a shirt proclaiming that her heart belongs to Mommy. I swear, she picked it out. ;)

But we all know that she shares her great big heart with Daddy, too. I was able to capture this special moment between the two of them, and I love it!

Towards the end of February, I found out from my employer that I would no longer have any job as of March 6th. The plus side of that was I'd get to devote more time to my family and my job search and collect unemployment. (I can see the positive side now, almost a year later. At the time, not so much.)

On February 27th, we had our all-in-one birthday party at Mom and Shelly's house. This is a party for all of Mom and Shelly's children and children-in-laws (what else would you call them?)

It's so hard to get everyone together for every birthday, and a lot of our birthdays are in the first quarter of the year, so we just have one big party for everyone. There is always a fun theme: 2008 was Rodeo, 2006 was Winter Olympics/Italy, another year was a 1970's fondue party, I think we did an 80's theme one time, Mexican, Asian, and I know there were a few others...

Anyway, 2009's theme was London. We had pub food, a trifle, Elton John sunglasses and the girls got to go shopping at "Harrod's." It was a ton of fun, as usual!!!

That's pretty much it for February! It is always a short month, after all.

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